Support with calculations and simulations:

Water Hammer and grid analysis: We analyze water hammer behavior and offer different solutions to minize its effect. These new solutions can be tested in transient and steady state to compare with previous cases. Softwares used are Surge 2012 from KY pipe, EPAnet, etc.

Water Hammer and grid analysis.

Sizing and location of air valves

Sizing and location of air valves:

The conduit profile is carefully reviewed to locate and size the type of air valves required among a selection of over 40 different variants. The air valves are selected based on the pressure at each point, and flow requirements of protection against vacuum

Supply Network to different populations.

Design of customized valves:

We assist to determine the type of valve and its optimal diameter for projects or facilities.
Starting from a basic model, any additional requirements can be added such as remote control, potentiometers, limit switches, combination of different hydraulic pilots, possibility of different outlet pressure settings for night or day with a programmer, etc.

Two valves in series with different functions: reducing, maintaining and relieving.

Reduction and maintenance valve with double filter system and solenoid valve.

Large Check Valve combined with small ones at a higher height to relieve if it is blocked by the arrival of sands.

ISO 9001:2015 e ISO 14001:2015 certificates

Mistral Ross Seminars

We offer training seminars for users about regulation, design and maintenance. Our seminars are also aimed at training engineering firms to size and determine the location of the valves and required air valves.