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We put at your disposal the manufacture and distribution of the best products to offer the optimal solutions.
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Featured Products

  • MULTINAR Multijet regulating valve

  • Triple function Air Valve Mistral CAS for sewerage water

  • retención anillos concén

    Check Valve RETENAR EINAR

Maintenance Technical Service

In our own workshops: we are equipped to perform any maintenance or repair of all the valves we sell.

Support with calculations and simulations

We analyze water hammer behavior and offer different solutions to minize its effect. Also, sizing and location of air valves.

Custom Valve Design

Our vast experience in this field allows us to advise on the optimal selection of control elements based on each particular installation.

ISO 9001:2015 e ISO 14001:2015 Certificates

Mistral Ross (Válvulas Automáticas Ross S.A)

Design, manufacture, study, marketing and maintenance of industrial products related to the conduction, regulation and control of fluids. Design and delivery of unregulated training in the regulation of fluids in supplies, irrigation, sanitation and canals.