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Concentric ring check valve

The valve closes at almost the same time as the flow is reversed, the closing time being of the same order of magnitude as the inversion time of the flow. This is achieved thanks to the reduced travel and the weak inertia of the low weight elastic material shutter.


  • Closure without water hammer generation, silent and without shock.
  • Reduced dimensions and weight.
  • Tightness.

Due to its characteristics, the RETENAR valve is imposed as a safety organ in the pumping stations

DN 65 to 600 Wafer model from PN10 to PN64

DN 700 to 1000 with flanges from PN10 A 25

DN 1200-1400 mm with flanges from PN10 to 16

Válvula de retención de anillos concéntrico

Válvulas de retención

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