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Rubber duckbill valves EVR

Rubber duckbill valves are used as discharge valves, it prevents water from high tides or from river floods to enter the sewage system.

It can also be used as a check valve for wastewater pumping installations.

Given its unique design, this valve is proving to be very successful for some applications such as diffusers for emissaries, or in transport of fluids with bulky solids.

Sizes installed up to 2400 mm.

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  • Diameter: 1″ up to 2,400 mm.
  • Standard build in neoprene and natural rubber, other materials under request.
  • There are different types for a same size, according to the connections: slip-on, requiring stainless steel clamps, inlet flanged, with back rings, and when inserted in the pipe as check valves, they are supplied in a housing with flanges on both ends.
  •  Note: Used also as diffusers in water emissaries, to obtain better dilution with jet velocities.
  • Drop tight even if there are solids entrapped during closure of the valve.
  • Design with lips in larger sizes to obtain better sturdiness and rigidity.
  • Very low headloss.