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Ramus Redar Pressure Reducing Valve

It is a direct acting valve for medium diameter pipes.
It is very reliable and robust design based on a well tested, with the seat and stainless steel piston.
It just requires maintenance.
We have supplied thousands of units in Spain, various diameters.
Although the maintenance is minimal, we have spare parts, and springs to change the regulation range.
They are economic up to 200mm in diameter (valid for pipes up to 350 mm), although it can build up to 300 mm.

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• Normal diameters: from 40 mm to 300 mm.
• Working pressure of 16 atm.
• Also for PN 25, PN 40, PN64 and PN 100.
• Great reduction ratio, usually without cavitation problems 7:1.
• Minimum maintenance.
• Pressure taps: upstream and downstream.
• Rates include pressure gauges and manometers carrier taps.
• Easily adjustable for different output pressures, water down.