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ROCKET pressure management System for pilot valves

Rocket pressure managemet System allows to adapt the pressure supplied to piped network based on measured flow or any other setting set locally or remotely. This technology can be used to reduced non revenue water from water losses.

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The advantages offered by Rocket System ROCKET are:
• Instantaneous reaction to flow changes, not based on a sporadic reading. This is valuable in case of firefighting needs.
• Without fragile electrovalves.
• Easy commissioning by the customer and total control by him.
• Reliable and robust System that can act up to 1200 times/hour.
• Option to set a failsafe pressure.
• Easy to add more features and options after its installation.
• Economical (doesn´t require periodical fees and low purchase cost).
• The guarantee and quality of Mistral Ross, with more than 45 years of experience.