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MULTINAR Multijet regulating valve

Installed in a pressurized pipe or at its end (end of line), it allows to regulate the flow from closed to total opening of the valve in a very precise and reliable way.


  • Simple and rational conception.
  • Regulation in 100% of the span of the valve´s travel.
  • Excellent resistance to cavitation.
  • Sensitivity for weak opening variations.
  • No fluctuations in the flow.
  • Very low noise and vibration. The regulation part consists of two perforated plates, the downstream plate is fixed and the upstream plate moves. Manual, electric, pneumatic or oleohydraulic actuation. MULTINAR valve is ideal for very fine regulation, even in near closed positions with severe headloss or cavitation conditions, to discharge small or medium-sized dams (with upstream protection grid). Ideal for flow regulation in WTP, desalination plants, test benches and all kinds of processes with water.